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Full Suite OfFacility Management Services

BJC Services Group is an Australian owned, family based security and facilities services company which has been formed in response to the rising need for an intelligent, ethical and professional security company.

When it comes to loss prevention, Gatehouse security, Project sites, Government buildings, construction or mining sites, you can be confident a BJC Services Group Security Plan will proactively protect you with handpicked staff selected specifically for your site. BJC Services Group offers you a range of security and facilities management products and services. They range from:

  • Mobile & Foot Patrols
  • Event & Asset Protection
  • Mobile and Safety Vehicle Escorts
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Personal Protection
  • Cash Transit
  • Building Site Security
  • Licensed Premise
  • Security Management
  • Static Positions
  • Cleaning and General Lawn Maintenance
  • Risk Management & Assessments, Safety Assessments

Site Assessments & Security Consulting

We conduct site specific assessments to all security officers. This ensures that our officers can act responsible, and report their duties professionally. Each assessment covers areas;

  • Fire Procedures
  • First-Aid Facilities
  • Knowledge of main doors and exit points
  • SOP’s and site specific inductions
  • Duty statements

All BJC Services Group Security Officers are placed on a twelve week probationary period. During this time, officers must undergo assessments and general site knowledge training. Together with our site specific plan, we can ensure our security staff is highly trained


Traffic Control Services

BJC Traffic Control has been registered with NSW RMS for: Category G Provision of Traffic Control;

  • Traffic Controllers
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Management Plans
  • Negotiate throughout the project, with local council
  • RMS, Police and State transit

All our vehicles are fitted with:

  • Fist aid kits
  • Snake bit kites
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Amber flashing lights
  • 80 ch two way radio
  • Reverse camera and alarm

Some of the equipment provided includes:

  • Vehicle mounted flashing arrow board
  • Barricades
  • Mesh fencing
  • Traffic cones
  • Stop/Slow batts
  • Traffic speed signs
  • Various road signs
  • Tiger tails
  • Black/Yellow barriers
  • Traffic wands flashing two tone


Security Patrol Services

These services include 24/7 Patrolled Sites, Electronic Attendance Systems, fully visible and marked patrol vehicles, internal and external inspections. Mobile Patrols are a cost-effective way to have a security presence at your premises, acting as a deterrent without the cost of a static guard. If your alarm system is back to base, you can have our patrol service respond with keys, so entry by security or POLICE can be carried out quickly and in a safe manner. This also prevents your employees placing themselves at risk in responding to alarms


Solar Farm Construction & Site Management Services

We provide security and facilities management services to a wide range of solar farm projects across the state. We provide a complete service that includes:

  • Daily sign in/out, and identiy check/confirmation for hundreds of staff and visitors onsite, including processing of fingerprint and ID card management.
  • Delivery management of daily building supplies including check of consignments from each truck entering the work site.
  • Directions for all deliveries onto the worksite.
  • Daily alcohol testing on entry for all staff and visitors to the site.
  • Random drug testing of the workforce onsite.


Crowd Control & Event Security

We aim to create a safe and secure venue for you, your delegates and your visitors. Our event coordinators will monitor your event and dispatch our event security officers to any incident.

The team has a reputation for excellence in the industry, with most senior officers being former law enforcement officers, whom have trained and experienced many events. From private functions to public events, including shows or music events, our event security teams are the most qualified and experienced in NSW. With a combined fifty years of experience in both security and law enforcement. All who have had the responsibility in working crowds and identifying any possible risk of event security incidents that can be prevented in the early stages.

We work closely with Police and Offer a range of specific services including:

  • First-Aid Officers
  • Crowd Control Barriers
  • RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • Drinking Age Arm Bands
  • Portable CCTV Systems, covering mosh pits and specific areas


Cleaning & General Lawn Maintenance

Our dedicated residential, commercial, cleaning and general lawn maintenance department understands the various types of cleans and lawn maintenance suited to your location and needs.

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Our range of services includes:

  • Eco friendly products
  • Major Australian brands
  • End Of Lease Cleaning
  • Move In / Move out Cleans
  • Sold new buyer Cleans
  • End Of Build Cleans
  • Window Cleaning (inside & outside)
  • Emptying and sanitizing rubbish bins
  • Oven Cleans
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Windows & Blinds cleaning
  • Cobweb removal
  • Restocking washroom consumables
  • Cleaning office equipment and work station surfaces
  • Garden edging
  • Front and back yard lawns
  • Removal and disposal of refuse from lawn and gardens


Security Supervision

High quality supervision by both our Senior Security Officers and Area Supervisors will ensure that our superiors and our security officers are ‘on the same page’ and guide our staff development, in turn promoting values and ethics.


Risk Management

BJC Services Group conducts risk assessments on all new Guard or patrol sites. Risk assessments provide our operational staff with information about any potential risks in servicing a site.

Assessing and understanding the level of risk and the potential threat to an organisation’s operations is the basis for establishing an effective security policy.



Integrated & AccreditedManagement Solutions

BJC Services Group has a structured, audited, integrated and accredited Management System that utilises proven quality techniques to ensure the services we provide are geared for your satisfaction and the successful completion of the works.

BJC Services Group is well-versed in providing security services. We have developed a unique program to establish a security posture capable of protecting both private and government resources and personnel, as well as assist government agencies prepare and respond to critical events.

BJC Services Group offers a comprehensive menu of protective guard services, the core of our company. Our guards and security officers are professionally trained, uniformed or plain-clothed and armed or unarmed as appropriate and maintain high visibility on site. They are led, trained and supervised by a motivated and quality management team.

Supply Nation

The principal Melissa Chown is a certified Indigenous supplier of security and cleaning services. We have achieved Indigenous certification for BJC.

Comprehensive Competency

Comprehensive Private Security Protection and Emergency Management Consulting Services, consisting to the provision of a uniformed security guard service, patrols and security advisory services

International Standards Accreditation

BJC Services Group is currently in the audit process and well on our way to achieving accreditation in ISO 9001 Quality.

Professional Membership

BJC Services Group is an accredited member of ASIAL. Australia’s leading security industry body. Membership Number: 00065580

Workplace Safety and Quality Management

BJC Services Group Implements our Integrated Management System that incorporates the Safety, Quality and Environmental mitigation measures. This includes strict adherence to risk and compliance management.


BJC Services Group is licensed under the Security Industry Act. 1997 (NSW) No: 000106214 Master Licence issued by the NSW Police Force.

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